16mm 35mm
proyeccion 35mm y 16mm; proyector cinematografico; scan reverse - sonido cyan, Projection 35mm 16mm; cinema/movie projector; scan reverse - cyan soundtrack

Products - Cinematographia SAX

Projectors, Chronos, Lamp Houses, Sound Readers, Rewinders, Accessories

  • PROJECTORS: self-manufactured SAX projector,
    refurbished: Philips, Prevost, Cinemecanica, Multikino, Eurokino, Chino, Hispania, Ossa.
  • CHRONOS: SAX chrono for 35 mm film.
  • LAMP HOUSES: SAX lamp houses for Xenon lamps in horizontal position with powers from 1000 to 4000 Watts.
  • SOUND READERS: Reverse Scan and Red Light systems.
  • REWINDERS: manual and electric.
  • ACCESSORIES: Lens turrets, Film splicers, Polyester tape for film splicing, Overtension switches, Plastic rollers for film guiding, Pinch rollers, Rollers for Maltese cross, Full-lenght systems for 35 mm and 16 mm film, Projection mirrors - metal and crystal, Steady film reels of differing capacities, Removable reels, Inertia-free film reels, Antiflutter for sound readers, Plug-in shafts for rewinders, Replacement parts, Pliers for film transport, Lenses.
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